PASADENA, Cal. - The Rose Bowl is a first class outfit that knows how to treat visitors.

How else can you explain the decision to import300 pounds of first rate cheese curds from a creamery in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, to make Badger fans feel at home?

Operators of Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery (ECC) received a call out of the blue last Wednesday asking them to provide the cheese curds thatwill be deep fried and sold at thegame, most likely to fans who fly in from Wisconsin.

The original order was for 80 pounds, but Rose Bowlfood service officials soonrealized it wouldn't be enough. The request was upped to 300 pounds.

Beth Ingli of the ECC figures that will make about 900 orders of cheese curds, once the product is battered and fried. She thinks it won't be nearly enough for the army of red and white-clad Badger fans that will fill the stands of the Rose Bowl Tuesday.

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