SAUK RAPIDS, Minn. - State investigators offered no new details Saturday about the break in the case of Officer Tom Decker's death.

On Friday, they said they recovered the gun that killed Decker. He was shot outside a bar in Cold Spring on November 29th.

Eric Thomes was connected to that weapon, but he hung himself just hours after agents came to question him about Decker's death.

These developments are giving renewed hope to Decker's friends and family.

Officer Decker'soldest sibling, Eddie Decker, says "It has been pretty much a rollercoaster of emotions from the time Tommy died to the huge support that the community had for his funeral and his wake."

Eddie Decker and his wife Becky said from their home in Sauk Rapids Saturday that they were starting to wonder whether the investigation was cooling off.

Now, Eddie Decker said, "At least we're on the right puzzle that we can start putting pieces together."

Investigators call Eric Thomes a person of interest in the case.

They believe Thomes' 20-gauge shotgun found at a different location is likely the murder weapon. But they are not calling Thomes the killer and continue to investigate.

Becky Decker saidtheir family is, "Pleased to find out there's progress being made, but then looking for more yet."

Eddie Decker said they won't have closure until they know who killedhis brotherand why. He said, "There's a lot of questions yet."

The couple said the entire Decker family spent more time together this Christmas and friends have been visiting often helping them and other family members through the pain.

Becky Decker said, "We're very grateful for the amount of people that have been there for us and for their prayers and their continued support. It just gives us the strength to move forward."

KARE also spoke briefly by phone on Saturday with Ryan Larson who was initially detained, questioned and then released in this case.

He said police have not told him his name is cleared yet. So on the advice of his lawyer, he will not comment at this point.

Meanwhile, authorities are urging the public to help them piece the case together. They say they still need more information about Eric Thomes.

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