Shallots and garlic sautéed in butter

Throw in bacon

Cook bacon to liking - keep it crispy or soft, however you prefer Throw in mussels - amount is up to you depending on your group

Note: Make sure they're clean!!

The mussels should open when they're cooked Add beer - the kind your choice but keep it light and sweet, a heavy beer won't work as well Add more butter and season - lemon and sea salt with any herbs you have at home - scallions, green onion, terragon all work A bit of horseradish on top - either fresh or prepared with vinegar Grilled bread is a great side or eat it as a soup Prep time - mussels open in 3-5 minutes! Great for a party when you don't want to spend too much time I'm the kitchen.



Sour grape schnapps or liqueur

Fresh lemon sweet and sour or the defrosted lemonade concentrate Top with soda Garnish with lemon Johnny's 28 drin:

Creme de cassis
Fresh lemon sweet and sour (Can use defrosted lemonade concentrate instead of the fresh sweet and sour at home).

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