SUPERIOR, Wis. - A dog at a Wisconsin animal shelter will return to Florida more than a year after he wandered away from his home.

Endo is a jowly, drooling, 115-pound mastiff. A microchip in his shoulder told shelter workers in Superior he had a home - 1,500 miles away.

In May 2011, Endo broke through the fence around Denise and Tommy Hartzog's yard in Cape Coral, Fla. She told the Duluth News Tribune they presumed an alligator soon got him.

Officials at the Animal Allies shelter say it appears someone in Florida found Endo, couldn't find his owners, then brought him to Minnesota. That person later gave Endo to someone in Duluth, who then gave him to someone in Superior, where Endo escaped, again. He was brought to the shelter January 2.

Animal Allies plans a send-off Wednesday.