GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - While many are focused on physical fitness at the start of the new year, some are working at improving something else, mental fitness.

Learning RXowner Rich Friederjoined usonTuesdaywith some exercises to help train your brain to improvememory.

Each exercise addresses a different tip for improving memory.

1. Air Tic Tac Toe - this exercise shows how to store visual information and recall it in your short-term memory. It helps to keep information fluid and ready for recall.

2. The Presidents - by making associations and processing something visual, it helps commit the concept to memory.

3. "Chunking" - this works on short-term memory. By breaking out a concept into smaller components, each can be easily recalled.

4. Auditory scavenger hunt - using verbal direction helps to store information easier in your memory than recalling it bymemorization alone.

Test taking tips - Don't cram for a test! Much better to study daily for shorter periods than a long night of cramming. Have to review over and over again and this makes it easier to pull out of long-term memory.