FARMINGTON, Minn. - Lerew Kaas, 14, can name off all of the cities that surround his Farmington home that have ordinances allowing chickens.

"Eagan, Rosemount, Burnsville," Lerew Kaas, 14, said.

As for Farmington, well, the city no longer lives up to the namesake it once did.

If you want to have a fire pit, that's OK. Perhaps you want to do some composting, go ahead. Or even if you want to raise rabbits, the city won't stop you, but when it comes to chickens.

"No chickens in Farmington," Kaas said.

So, Kaas and a couple of others have set out to do what they can to change that. They've formulated a chicken scratch-like proposal, listed the benefits of chickens and aim to bust any fears.

"Chickens are smelly and stuff and dirty and make too much noise, but they make less noise than a barking dog in your neighbor's yard," said Kaas.

Under their proposal, roosters would not be allowed and each home would only be able to have up to five hens. The chickens will be required to be in a coop and residents would have to pay for a chicken permit, much like what is done in Minneapolis or St. Paul.

"We're learning along the way," smiled Annabelle Randow.

The three will take their case to the city council Feb. 4.

This issue has come before Farmington's city council in the past and it was voted down. The kids say they're nervous, but are hopeful this time around it passes.