MINNEAPOLIS -- Not that hearty Minnesotans need a reminder about just how cold it can get, but stories like Joe Cole's happen every year.

"I just hear a lot of stories about people dying of frostbite in two hours, and I was out there for eight," said Cole who is recovering from frostbite at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

He was enjoyingaNew Year's celebration when he left his friend's house to go home. Cole said all he had on that night was a long sleeve shirt,no hat, no mittens and not prepared to be out in the cold for more than a few minutes, he would spend the entire night outside.

"It's all frostbite," he explained as nurses bandaged his injuries which run from his neck nearly down to his toes.

With a weekend of cold and below zero weather ahead, HCMC doctors said when the temp drops, frostbite cases rise.

"Whenever we're hitting a weekend when the temperatures are dipping we're always worried people are going to go out do some drinking and because they do make a good decision not to drink and drive they walk home, but they're not properly dressed," said Dr. Anne Lambert.

"I was one of those guys that always would just wear a sweatshirt, and be like well I'm going to be okay, 'cause I'm in a car so there will be heat," said Cole, who added. "But what if the car breaks down."

It's those what-ifs even on a warmer Minnesota winter day that Cole has learned can leave a lasting impression.