MINNETRISTA, Min.-- There is renewed concern about driving on Lake Minnetonka after a family of four went through the ice on Friday.

Residents in the area say it's common for people to cut across the frozen lake to avoid the long roads and sometimes avoid authorities after a night of drinking.

Paul Bardine has lived on Lake Minnetonka for 15 years. He said he has helped rescue at least three people after they fell through ice on snowmobiles. Last year he said he witnessed a car try to cut across the ice, but failed. On Friday he watched again as rescue crews tried to help yet another family get out of the ice.

There are several signs near the scene warning of thin ice but Bardine said that doesn't stop people.

"I think that the fact of going through a channel and anything on four wheels is ridiculous because you know it could break through at any point and time," he said.

The family of the 9-month-old baby is no longer releasing information about the child but when KARE 11 last checked she was still in critical condition.

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