NEAR HOUSTON, Texas - Emergency responders in the Houston area say four people have been taken to hospitals after a shooting on a community college campus today.

Authorities say the shooting atLonestar Community College was the result of an altercation between two people, and at least one was a student.

Harris County Sheriff's Maj. Armando Tello says both people involved in the altercation were wounded and hospitalized. He says a college maintenance man was injured in the crossfire and also taken to a hospital.

Tello says a female who had a student ID also was hospitalized for a medical complication.

One student says he had just left a class in which he is studying to be a paramedic when he saw two people who were injured, and stopped to help them. He says they had "just minor injuries."

The shooting prompted the school to issue an alert on its website, telling students and faculty to take immediate shelter or avoid the campus.

The shooting happened at Lone Star College's North Harris campus shortly after noon.

The campus was quickly locked down, and students and staff were evacuated.

A number of witnesses say the shooting may have happened at or outsidethe campus library. Some indicated there might have been a second shooter. At least one of them describedthe secondsuspect as a black male with aFalcons cap and a red shirt, running from the campus.

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