MINNEAPOLIS - It took a visit from the city fire marshal to force action at an apartment building without heat since Saturday.

Using a thermometer as he traveled from room to room, the indoor temperature read 51 degrees.

"Obviously, the common areas are colder yet," says Minneapolis Fire Marshal Perry Ebner. "We've had a couple of apartments that have been using alternate heat which is against code violations."

Resident James Glasgow has been so desperate for warmth that he's been using an open oven to heat his unit.

"I really didn't know the danger of using the oven like that," says Glasgow.

Ebner has become this building's savior.

Ordering two space heaters for each unit until the heat is back on and ordering the busted boiler be replaced.

"They have 48 hours to get it complete. The technician said they should get it done within 24 hours," says Ebner.

KARE 11 tracked down the building's owner, whose office a few blocks away is heated. He declined to go on camera, but insists no wrongdoing.

Erik Veblen says he had technicians at the building all day Saturday and decided to replace the boiler on Sunday. He claims it took several days to order and prepare for installation, hence the delay.

By mid-morning Tuesday, the old boiler was already being broken into pieces and the new one being unloaded off a truck.

"It's going to be very great to get some heat up in here," says Glasgow. "I'm so glad that somebody finally came and tried to help us out because it ain't been nice."

Four days without heat is almost behind Glasgow and his neighbors.