MINNEAPOLIS - Maren McDonell's says her daughter, a senior at Washburn High School, should be focused on graduation, but instead she is now scared to go to school after a group ofkids hung a dark-skinned doll in a stairwell less than two weeks ago.

"This is her school. This is her support network and they failed her. So, I'm asking Minneapolis public schools, all leaders to stand up now and voice your opinion," McDonell said. "This must end and there is no room for racism."

McDonell spoke during a press conference held a day ahead of a community meeting sponsored by the school district.

McDonnell and several other Washburn parents and community members said they want the district to release surveillance video of the incident, as well as emails exchanged by the school principal and staff.

The group also questioned why it took the school five days to send a letter home to parents about the incident. They said a step toward healing would be teaching more black history in classrooms.

The district has said it does not condone racial intolerance and has disciplined the students involved.

Alondra Cano, a spokesperson for the school district, said Wednesday's community meeting at Washburn is meant to address concerns like McDonell's.

"We know we don't have all the solutions. That's why we're opening it up the community," Cano said.

The meeting is set for 5 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 23, in the Washburn High School auditorium, located at 201 W. 49th Street.