MINNEAPOLIS - In so many ways this major change isn't so major at all, women have been fighting for this country for over a decade and paying the ultimate sacrifice.

152 women have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 800 wounded.

But the devil has been in the details, they have not officially been deployed to the front lines.

That rule has been in effect for 20 years but after Thursday's announcement by the Department of Defense allowing women to apply for combat roles, 237-thousand combat jobs will open up to women.

And to win those jobs, women will have to pass the physical standards those jobs demand.

"Oh they have to. The standard doesn't change because they are a woman," U.S. Army Master Sgt. Jerimiah Gan said Thursday.

We wanted to ask veterans, those who saw combat in ugly wars of old what they thought.

And what we heard was nearly unanimous.

"You know if a woman wants to pursue and course in the service I think she has the right," U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran Doug Doerfler said.

"They have been serving beside us for decades so if they can do the job I don't see why not," U.S. Marine Corps Gulf War Veteran Chris Anderson said.

"I think that anybody that is qualified and has the patriotism to join the armed services should be allowed to do so," U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran Pat McCauley said.

All but one of the Veterans at the VFW in Bloomington on this night voted yes.

The dissenting vote just couldn't get past what he knows is combat as he saw it on the front lines, in his past.

"I think of it in terms of my wife my mom my daughters; they shouldn't have to go thru that they just shouldn't have to go thru that," a somber U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran, John Crary said.

Come tomorrow the course of history will change again.

And women will get the rights they fought for, to fight.

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