GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Even under the best of family conditions parents often disagree about how to parent - how to discipline, how to handle money, how much freedom a child should have.

But during or following a family break-up, these disagreements can be magnified, taking on the emotional baggage of the animosity that led to divorce in the first place.

Today,Dr. Marti Erickson, developmental psychologist and co-host of, stopped by with some tips on how parentscanset aside their own pain and anger and work together in the best interests of their child.

Here are her suggestions:

1. Get the right kind of help from the beginning.

2.Keep your eye on the goal: your child growing up well.

3.Identify what you and your ex-spouse agree on (the big values, goals and expectations for your child).

4.Agree to disagree on small matters (children can adapt to small differences in rules and expectations in different households).

5. Be supportive of your child's relationship with the other parent.

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