MINNEAPOLIS - Ice caused so many injuries this week emergency rooms were swamped. But during this round of freezing weather Jim Schaffran is prepared. After falling hard while walking his dog a few weeks ago he's turned to traction devices for his shoes.

"I have not fallen since I got these," he said.

On Thursday he was back at REI in Bloomington for more.

"My girlfriend is a runner and they will be terrific for her," he said.

REI has been selling traction devices like crazy, according to sales specialist Renee Evans.

"With the recent ice snap we have seen more people interested in being safe on the sidewalks, especially dog walkers, the elderly, people who are hiking around the lakes and running too," Evans said.

Evans said they are also seeing a lot of mail carriers buying them too.

Most sell between $20 and $50.

But the best way to be safe is a clear sidewalk.

Most sidewalks KARE 11 saw in the metro area were clear but then there were some spots that need a little work.

Most cities require residents to remove ice and snow within 24 hours.

If it's not done a homeowner could be cited or the city will do it and bill you a hefty fee.

Cities like Minneapolis offer free sand to help with ice.

Some like St. Paul can connect residents with help if they're unable to take care of it themselves.

While Schaffran waits for people in his neighborhood to clear their ice he's not taking any chances.

"Either walking very slow or having studs," he said.

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