MINNEAPOLIS - A Twin Cities couple is glad to be alive after fire crews plucked them and their dogs from the roof of their burning home early Friday.

Andrea Stearns and Adam Hausten were sleeping in their home on the 3800 block of Elliot Avenue South when a smoke detector jarred Adam awake around 2 a.m.. He shook Andrea out of a deep sleep and the couple tried to escape.

"I tried to go downstairs but the smoke was coming up," Stearns told KARE 11.

The couple ran back into their bedroom and decided there was just one option. "He kicked the screen out, piled out, grabbed the dogs then sat there screaming for about 15 minutes until neighbors came to the rescue," she laughed.

In truth, what was happening was anything but funny. Stearns and Hausten were barefoot, she dressed only in PJ's while he was wearing just boxers and a t-shirt. Neighbors threw blankets up to keep them warm until fire crews arrived and rescued them from the roof.

A neighbor who called 911 watched as flames spread throughout the ground floor of the home, worried that fire crews would not arrive in time to save the couple.

Fire had gutted the first floor of the home by the time first respondersarrived. Daylight revealed extensive damage, but its not yet known whether the structure is a total loss.

Regardless, Andrea Stearns is grateful to Minneapolis Firefighters who saved the family and their dogs. "They did get here really quick, and they were excellent," she said.

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