MINNEAPOLIS - Healthy thriving plants during the winter months are the goal of many but hard to achieve for most. The very dry air that we have in our homes with forced heat and wintry drafts are tough conditions for us and for our plants.

Bobby decided to give you some fool-proof houseplants. These are plants that can take low light conditions and are pretty hardy if you forget to water them once or twice.

Bobby wants to remind you that keeping plants watered is as easy as just once in a while doing the first knuckle test. Put your index finger into the soil and if it is dry to the first knuckle it is time to water. Let your water sit out overnight to allow the chlorine and other chemicals to evaporate out. Water the plants until the water comes out the bottom and get rid of that water. Never, never let them sit in water. Make sure you clean off the leaves once in a while because they do get pretty dusty and that can hamper the oxygen intake.

Here is the list of plants we have deemed fool-proof:

Dracaena's: there are many kinds. If they are variegated they will need more light.

Peace Lily

Aglaonmema's: there are many kinds.Again if they are variegated like the one we showed they will need more light.

Philodendron's: again there are many types. We showed a Hope upright one that was very interesting.

Chinese Evergreen: an Aglaonema that we showed and very pretty.

Good luck!
Belinda & bobby

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