MINNEAPOLIS -Travelers in the Twin Cities trying to fly to the east coast Friday night were stuck in the Midwest as more than a dozen evening flights at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were cancelled because of the big storm.

One of those stranded passengers the was Joe Angell. He was supposed to fly to New York for business Friday night, but his flight was cancelled. So the Edina native said the airline told him he might be able get to Chicago where he lives with his wife. That didn't work either.

Frustration with Mother Nature and the airlines would be putting it mildly

"You're obviously willing to bend for them but they're not willing to bend for you," he said of his airline. "But there's not much you can do. You're kind of sold down to whatever you bought or hoped to have bought."

Then there's Bruce Norgaard and his wife. They were on their way to Florida, but the plane that was supposed to pick them up in La Crosse, their hometown, was delayed because of the weather.

They then missed their original connecting flight here in Minneapolis. So he and his wife are spending a night in the Twin Cities with her sister who happens to live here.

"We're actually going down a day or two early and then going on a cruise. I'm glad we gave ourselves an extra day," said Norgaard.

Both he and Angell expect to fly out Saturday. The same goes for the New York Knicks. They were supposed to fly out Friday night after playing the Timberwolves, but the pending storm pushed the team's departure to Saturday, as well.

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