GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Minnesota based photographer Keri Pickett has an all new project that chronicles the history of theatrical ice shows through a riveting documentary.

The film looks at the rich history and details of ice skating from a decade ago until now. The film features the creative designs, choreographers, the stars, and the challenges that came along with the fabulous world of ice skating. The movie captures the rise of this type of entertainment throughout the 20th century and takes a closer look at such world-renown theater companies including Holiday on Ice, Ice Follies, and Ice Capades.

Pickett has been working on this documentary for the last seven years and is now turning to the public to ask for help in completing the last part of this project. In order to complete the final chapter Pickett needs to raise $77,000 and is asking the public to help by donating to her movie through a resource called Independent Filmmakers Project MN .

The movie has even been invited to the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival even though it has yet to be completed.

Watch the trailer for the film here.

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