HASTINGS, Minn. - A feud between neighbors over dog waste has led to stalking charges against an Apple Valley woman.

Brenda Lee Sanchez was charged by summons in Dakota County Court with two counts of felony stalking.

Apple Valley Police were contacted in late December by a resident who told them she had received 24 different magazines in the mail that she had not ordered, and was now responsible for either paying the bill or cancelling them.

The total billing amount for the magazines was more than $520.

The woman gave investigators several subscription cards and told them she believed that her neighbor, Brenda Sanchez, was responsible.

Police went to the homeowner's association the women belong to and obtained a letter with Sanchez's signature on it. When compared, investigators believed the signature on the letter matched the one on the magazine subscription cards.

Sanchez initially denied any involvement in the incident, but after police obtained a search warrant for her home she admitted to filling out the bogus subscriptions due to an ongoing feud with her neighbor. She told officers that the rift began when her neighbor turned her in to the homeowners association after Sanchez's dog began using her yard to relieve itself.

There were also allegations that involved playing loud music through the adjoining walls of the women's homes, and banging on the walls.

If convicted Brenda Sanchez could receive up to five years in prison on each count and a $10,000 fine.

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