MINNEAPOLIS - Prosecutors have officially charged a 30-year-old woman win the kidnapping of a friend's 8-month-old son.

Isabel Diaz Castillo was charged Friday in the alleged abduction of the child from his family's Minneapolis home Wednesday.

The boy's mother, Victoria Orozco,told investigators she had met Castillo, who said her name was "Elli",in a laundromat a month ago and that she seemed to take what Orozco called an "extreme interest" in her baby.

"Elli" told her that she had suffered a miscarriage in recent months.

Victoria Orozcotold police that "Elli" had agreed to loan her some money and was supposed to drop it off Wednesday but did not show up at the agreed-upon time. "Elli" kept calling her saying she would be there in 15 minutes and the last time the woman called, Orozco told her that she was going to get in the shower.

When Orozco got outher son, 8-month-old Carlos, was gone.

Police quickly sent out an Amber Alert telling the public to look out for Castillo's vehicle, a red 2002 Kia Sportage. Late Wednesday afternoon a resident on 3rd Avenue South in Minneapolis called 911 and told police they had seen the vehicle. Officers responded to the address, discovered Castillo's brother lived there, and found her hiding in the basement with the baby.

They noticed his hair seemed to have been cut, and there were packed suitcases nearby.

Castillos sister-in-law told investigators that Castillo told them she had been pregnant and given birth to a child that had been sent to Mexico. She said Castillo showed up at their home Wednesday and told them she had gotten the baby back.

If found guilty, Isabel Diaz Castillo faces a possible 40 years in prison. Federal immigration officials have put a hold on her, and say it appears Castiillo is in this country illegally.

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