WESTON, Wis. - Dozens of people attended a vigil Friday night for a missing St. Paul woman, feared dead.

Friends, and othercommunity membersgathered at Bethany Baptist Church just outside Wausau in support of 30-year old Kira Trevino and her family.

"We pray that Kira would be found, that there would be answers," said family Pastor Aaron Winowiski with New Day Christian Church.

Bethany Baptist provided the space since New Day Christian Church was unable to host everyone at its building.

Trevino and her husband Jeff Trevino, who has been arrested for her presumed murder, lived in St. Paul, but Kira is from the Wausau area.

"This is probably the hardest thing they'll go through in their lives and that's the church's role to reach out and support them through this time," said Dan Vergin, afamily friend.

No more was that difficulty apparent than when Kira Trevino's sister addressed the congregation. Her voice was at a whisper with tears streaming down her face.

"Thank you all for being here for my family and for Kira," said Keri Anne Steger. "Please help us continue to pray that we find here."

And while everyone hoped Trevino would return home safely when she first went missing about a week ago, they now realize that won't happen.

"I think that everybody is at the point we understand she's not alive based on we've learned through investigators," said Vergin.

Ramsey County authorities charged Trevino's husband this week withmurder after finding human blood all over their St. Paul house.

Trevino's body is still nowhere to be found, which is whyWinowiski's hope is his prayer.

"I pray that anyone involved in what has happened to Kira would not try to hide the truth," Winowiski told the crowd.

"It's unfinished and that's what we really hope for that it can finish,"added Vergin.

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