MINNEAPOLIS -- The sun helped winter temperatures climb into the mid 30's this weekend but another winter storm is headed toward the Twin Cities.

Barbara Eckley was out clearing the remaining ice on her sidewalk before the snow and she is sick of doing it.

"I'm tired of being ready for winter I am ready for it be spring," she said.

Mat Elfering and Whitney Waldsmith were out at Lake Calhoun for one more walk with their dog before the snow.

"I'm more or less ready for it to be spring time," Waldsmith said.

This week people will be tiptoeing through more than 5 inches of fresh snow. Paths will be covered again and Peter Beck will have to turn in the bike for skis.

"If it's good snow I cross country ski," he said.

Eckley hoped snow was over but now's she's getting ready for more. The good news for Eckley is spring is just around the corner.

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