BLAINE, Minn. - The Minnesota Department of Transportation has the calendar on its side as it works to clear the highways from the latest dump of snow.

December and January snows are often followed by cold weather which makes clearing highways much more difficult, MnDOT officials say.

By March, warmer temperatures, before and after storms, become a plow driver's friend.

"Because the pavement temperatures are warmer, we've got warmer air temperatures and it just doesn't stick, it doesn't stay around," said MnDOT spokesperson Kent Barnard. "Plus our salt works very well in the higher temperatures when we get up around 20, 25 degrees. Salt works great."

Barnard asked drivers to remember to stay back from plows as they venture out on the roads during and after the storm.

He also suggested that commuters alter their drives to work, leaving home before traffic peaks or waiting until later in the morning when the heaviest traffic has cleared.

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