EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - As cell phones and cameras shrink and become increasingly prolific, health clubs are working hard to enforce privacy policies.

Life Time Fitness uses its location's massive size as an advantage.

In addition to men and women's locker rooms, they have a family locker room geared towards parents with children under 12.

There are individual changing rooms that have showers and they all lock," says Todd Grivna, the general manager of Eden Prairie's Life Time.

In all of the dressing rooms, clear signs ban the use of cell phone and other devices with photo or video capabilities. But Grivna admits that in this digital age, that can be tough.

"They have music on them or a lot of people are working even when they're not at work so they're trying to make a quick call," says Grivna. "It's hard to manage, but we do our best."

Life Time also bans cameras in the workout area and pool.

Since instituting its cell phone policy in 2003, devices have gotten much smaller. Knowing they can't spot every device, they use manpower as a deterrent.

"We staff the areas. We have people in there cleaning. They are also checking for those types of things."

It's a lot of effort for something they say is not a prevalent problem but better to be safe than sorry.

Unrelated to the Life Time in Eden Prairie, a Coon Rapids man has been arrested, accusedof shooting video of young males changing inside the locker room at a Twin Cities YMCA.

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