ST. PAUL, Minn. - Snow can snarl traffic and sometimes even stop a car in its tracks, but Minnesotans show their will when it comes to navigating through the conditions.

If we can't travel by car, what's wrong with a bike? Emily Styles, a junior at the University of Minnesota, peddled her way to campus from south Minneapolis during Tuesday's snow storm.

"It's faster than taking the bus, honestly," she said. "A lot of times it's faster than driving even because there's just so many cars backed up that I can just zoom right past them."

This is the fourth year Styles has biked in the winter. The roads are slick, but she's prepared for it.

"My snow suit is really padded so if I fall over all the snow is actually better than ice because it's cushy," Styles said.

In St. Paul, the side roads were so packed with snow first grader Eric and his mother Beth Sawyer, who ditched her car for a sled.

"It's pretty slick and glides easily. I'm getting a little exercise too," Sawyer said.

In Merriam Park, John Snelgrove made sure his neighbors could get around on the sidewalks. Armed with a new snow blower he cleared his entire block.

"First person out does the snow blowing, second person out with the blower follows up and so forth. That's just the way it is," Snelgrove said.

Whether by car, or sled or bike Minnesotans always seem to find a way through the snow.

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