GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Dreading the task of getting your taxes done? Go from to-do to done in a few simple steps.

Louise Kurzeka of Everything's Together shared her best organizing tips on KARE 11 News @4.

1. Create a Checklist: - The job of gathering all the right information for taxes is much easier if you have a list of what you need. Look at the previous year's return for a quick way to make the list, checking off items as you gather them.

2. Gather and Sort Information - You are sure to have what you need when you need it if you have one location to put all paper documents when they arrive. Using a divided folder with labeled sections creates a tax file for the year with any and all documents you would need for future reference including 1099-s, bank statements, investment info, W-2's and the actual tax return. Duplicate the folder and headings for digital versions you may have as well.

3. Contain and Protect the Documents - Make sure these hard to replace documents used to prepare taxes are stored in a safe way. A fire safe box kept in your home provides protection and access when needed. But you'll also want to consider cloud storage that provides a secure online password protected location that can be accessed from any location from a computer.

Louise also mention the website of Safelyfiled for cloud storage.

Follow these steps and your tax documents will be organized and safe in no time.

For more on getting organized, contact Louise Kurzeka.

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