ST. PAUL, Minn. - Sunday is widely known asa day of rest.

That is, unless you are a family member or friend of Kira Trevino.

Dozens converged onLilydale Park in St. Paul Sunday afternoon to search for the 30-year-old Trevino, who is missing and presumed dead after her husband Jeffery was arrested and charged with murder.

Volunteers canvased the park looking for any sign of Kira's body. They found several items of interest including a piece of clothing, a tarp and traces of blood, and called police to the scene several times. Officers determined that the items were not related to the case, and that the blood was animal blood.

After the group had covered the entire park without making a discovery,volunteersmoved on to a park in Bloomington, where they joined another group of searchers.

Organizers have vowed to continue until Trevino's body is found.

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