MINNEAPOLIS - Acknowledge the problem, and take steps to overcome it.

That's the message a group of students at Minneapolis South High Schoolsent to administrators and district leaders as they held a demonstration at the school Monday morning.

The group, which includes students from South'sAmerican IndianAll Nations program, gathered in the school's commons area, the site of a recent racially-motivated melee that involved hundreds of students.

Students massed in the commons to take part in a Native American drum circle and round dance. They then moved to the school auditorium for speeches by students and discussion of the racial and ethnic issues that have plagued South High School.

"The last time we made news, we did it in a riot," said Winona Vizenor, an organizer of the demonstration. "This time we're making it because we're coming together and making peace."

Vizenor is a senior at South High School, and saysracially fueled tensions and acts of violence are a fact of life at the school. She insists students are uniting in a show of strength and support, and are asking district administrators to admit a racial problem exists at South High.

Studentswant multi-cultural awareness to become part of the curriculumthat all students will study.

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