ST. PAUL, Minn. - The trials and tribulations for Minnesota Turbo Tax users may be ending after the Intuit Company, owners of Turbo Tax, released fixes for about a dozen glitches in the popular online software.

Terri Steenblock, Minnesota Assistant Commissioner for Individual Taxes, said she and her staff met with Intuit officials Monday morning. The Minnesota officials were assured that Intuit had identified and fixed all of the problems that first came to light last week. Problems included sending the optional political contribution to the wrong party.

"On the political contribution, if they electronically filed, they do not have to do anything," said Steenblock. "If they filed by paper, those cannot be identified. Turbo Tax should have included in one of their letters, directions as to what the taxpayer needs to do to identify where their contribution was directed and they will contact Intuit and Intuit will work to get that corrected."

The Intuit products affected were Turbo Tax, Lacerte, Intuit On-line and Pro Service. Both individual and professional products were affected. Individuals who filed by themselves will received notification directly if their return is affected. Returns filed by Tax Preparers will have their notifications go to the Tax Preparers, who must then notify their clients.

"In essence, if you filed electronically, we believe that Intuit will provide us with a list," said Steenblock. "If they have not already, and we believe we will be able to fix those, but if you have filed by paper, then there will most likely be a need to do an amended return. There will be a need."

Steenblock hoped the unprecedented problems this year will not be a turn-off for electronic filers.

"When it is paper returns that are sent in, we cannot identify them. Intuit cannot identify them, and we cannot identify them on our side. So, if anything, hopefully people will continue to electronically file because if there are issues, they are easier to identify who is impacted and they are easier to correct."

Intuit issued a statement on the situation Monday stating, in part, "Intuit will issue refunds to affected Minnesota state TurboTax customers for the full amount of their tax preparation fees. Nothing is more important to us than delivering an accurate return to our customers and building the trust and confidence professional preparers and taxpayers have in Intuit."

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