GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Despite strong test scores in the state, Minnesota is recognized as having one of the largest achievement gaps in the country.

A new campaign is working to highlight the strategies that can help close that gap for students.

Minneapolis Foundation President Sandy Vargas spoke on KARE 11 Sunrise about theRESET campaign.

RESET stands for Real-time use of data, including test scores, Expectations not excuses. Vargas says teachers who expect their students to achieve have a better chance of making that happen.

Strong leadership is also essential. Vargas points to school principals she says need to lead as educators. The E stands for Effective teaching, and T is Time on task.

Vargas said Minnesota needs to ditch a school year schedule that is based on an agrarian calendar. According to Vargas, an additional 15 school days a year would mean an additional year of instruction by the time high school seniors graduate.

The campaign is partnered with a broad range of groups including Minneapolis Schools, MNCAN, as well as charter schools.

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