OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Former auto magnate Denny Hecker is on the move again.

Federal prison records show that Hecker is currently housed in what is called a Federal Transfer Center (FTC) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Hecker defense attorney Brian Toder tells KARE 11 that an FTC is basically a holding facility for federal prisoners who are on their way to another facility.While the feds have not released where Hecker is headed, Toder believes it may be the facility in Englewood, Colorado. There is a "camp" facility there, the federal designation for minimum security.

Toder says he doesn't believe there were any problems or issues at the facility in Pennsylvania where Hecker has been for years. He believes that Denny doesn't meet the offender criteria, and is eligible for a minimum security facility where his family would have better access to him. The prison at Englewood would fit the bill.

Mr. Toder spoke to Hecker on the phone just a couple of weeks ago, and describes him as "upbeat, and embracing his situation well. Denny's gonna be just fine."

Hecker's release date is currently listed as July 4 of 2019, but Toder expects that taking part in a drug rehab program and being eligible for a halfway house will get Hecker released much sooner.

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