ANOKA, Minn. - A 31-year-old Coon Rapids woman is charged with beating her two daughters with phone and electrical cords.

A criminal complaint filed in Anoka County accuses Julia Peter Modi Kojo of beating the girls, ages 16 and 10, so badly that they were left bruised and bleeding.

Investigators say were called to Kojo's home on the 13000 block of Grouse Street Northwest March 13 on a report she had beaten the children with a cord. When officers got there the 10-year-old told them her mother had hit her more than 20 times with a black phone cord and an extension cord after she failed to clean the living room.

The child said Kojo hit her so hard that the cord broke. She pulled off a band-aid and demonstrated how the beating left her bleeding.

Police say the 16-year-old had marks on her arms, legs and back, and told them she had been hit over 20 times with cords.

The children also told officers that their mother picked up adecorative deer with sharp antlers, and threatened to stab them.

When told she faced criminal charges, Kojo reportedly toldofficers it was all just a game, and that she didn't have enough energy to beat her kids.

If foundguilty, Julia Peter Modi Kojo faces a year in jail on each of two counts ofmalicious punishment of achild.

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