MAPLEWOOD, Minn. - A solitary figure stood on the surface of Keller Lake in Maplewood Friday morning, drilling holeafter hole through the melting ice.

Michael Teige worked his auger methodically, boring holes six feet apart all the way down the lake's western shoreline. When he was through with a lineof holes he dangled an underwater camerathrough each one, looking not for fish... but for peace.

"She's findable. I'm going to find her," Teige said.

Teige is Kira Trevino's cousin from Wisconsin, one of many relatives and friends who have made finding the missing woman's body and bringing her home their mission. He is certain that she is under the ice of Keller Lake, and swears he will keep searching until she is found.

"Till the ice breaks and I fall through it. It could be days," Teige said.

Police have searched areas of the lake several times, and cadaver dogs have hit on scents emanating from some of the holes investigators cut. They've concentrated on Keller Lake since a witness saw what looked like two men dragging something wrapped in a rug towards the lake the night Kira disappeared.

Several items have been discoveredin or near KellerLake withTrevino's DNA on them.

The drone of his auger will be a familiar presence from the western shoreline, and Teige hopes that it will get louder. He is asking anyone with an auger and a heart to join him in the search for Kira.

"It'd be nice if someone is at home right not with nothing to do, and they have an auger. Come fishing with me."

A fund has been set up to payfor the expenses associated with the search for Kira Trevino. If you'd care to donate,there are two options.

By Paypal: funds can be directed to If you do not have Paypal, credit card donations can be made at:

Both of these options are linked to the same account and are directly deposited into the River Valley State Bank'sFind Kira Steger Trevino Fund

By Check: please make checks payable to "Find Kira Steger-Trevino Fund"

Mail to: River Valley State Bank
327 N. 17th Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401

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