HUDSON, Wis. - The former wife of confessed murderer Aaron Schaffhausen took the stand for a second consecutive day Thursday, describing the events that led to the killing of their three daughters.

Jessica Schaffhausen described a man who was detached, depressed, and didn't want to have contact with his daughters. She testified that Aaron Schaffhausen would rather play videogames than spend time with the children.

Even early in their relationship Schaffhausen said she would take their baby Amara to class rather than leave her with Aaron because he didn't want to watch her.

Medication seemed to help his depression for a while, she told jurors, but things got strange when he began to mix Celexa and alcohol. "He was weird, he'd say things really off the wall," she testified.

She says her ex-husband stopped talking to the kids in October of 2011 after moving to North Dakota for work, but told the jury that he would call her up to 30 times a day to harass her.

Their divorce became final in January of 2012, and Jessica Schaffhausen told jurors that she had sex with Aaron twice after that to "give him closure." She says she told him to get sober and stop harassing her.

Under questioning from defense attorney John Kuchinski, Jessica Schaffhausen testified that she eventually filed a police report on Aaron in March of 2012 after repeated phone threats.

Jessica Schaffhausen testfied that on July 10th, 2012 her ex-husband texted her while she was at work. He then called and said he wanted to see the kids and that he was intown. "I was very flustered because I had no idea he was in the Twin Cities," shesaid from the witness stand.

Eventually the two agreed that Aaron Schaffhausen could see the kids at the house and pick them and go somewhere to do something.Jessica said the children needed to be back by 8:30 or 9 p.m. and that their oldest daughter Amara would call Jessicaso she could come home.

Schaffhausen said her ex called when he arrived at the home
about noon, and that babysitter Fallon Moore texted her. "Fallon asked if it was okay for her to go and I told her she could."

Somewhere around 2:30 p.m., Jessica Schaffhausen told jurors, she was getting intoher car to come home when her phone rang. "He called me and told me I could come home now because he killed the kids. I told him it wasn't't funny and he shouldn't say things like that...he hung up and I called the police."

"I wanted someone to get there because they could still be alive," Jessica said while fighting back tears.