MINNEAPOLIS -- Fairview already operates the University of Minnesota's teaching hospital, and now the school says it wants to take over the entire Fairview system.

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler wrote a four page letter telling Fairview CEO Charles Mooty that the two should form a tighter partnership, saying it would benefit the entire state.

Kaler tells Mooty both organizations would be stronger by working together, and that they could enhance research, patient care and the community.

Kaler's letter is dated January 28 and says the U wants to spend the next 90 days to plan the partnership. That timing is important because Fairview is also talking about a deal with South Dakota based Sanford Health.

But the Fairview-Sanford merger is one Attorney General Lori Swanson says worries her, saying she doesn't like the thought of the Twin Cities' second largest health care company being controlled by people out of state.

"This notion that an out of state outfit might have the ability to control or dictate how those assets are used is concerning to Minnesota and to our vibrancy as a state, and also something there should be a public dialogue around," Swanson said.

In the meantime, Kaler says Fairview hasn't responded to his letter but says he'll meet next week with Fairview's board of directors.

Mooty says Fairview's board is considering all of its options, and isn't close to making any decisions.

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