MINNEAPOLIS - Twin Cities biking leaders are urging the public to call 911 and report suspicious behavior along bike routes. The reminder comes after somebody threw a Molotov cocktail off the 15th Ave. bridge and onto the bike trail on Wednesday.

"I heard breaking glass and then a flame ignited," recalls Drew Ditlefsen who was feet from where it was thrown. "I could smell it and feel the flames."

Ditlefsen says the flames shot up three feet into the air and the entire situation could've been much worse.

Police are stepping up efforts to patrol the Greenway in light of what happened. Meanwhile, the Midtown Greenway Coalition, the trail's non-profit advocacy group, hopes riders who see suspicious activity report it.

"If you see people loitering under bridges or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, call 911," says executive director Soren Jensen. "We typically see two to three incidents each year and hope we can get that number to zero."

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in Wednesday afternoon's incident.

"I want people to know it's a really safe route," says Ditlefsen. "But also feel free to tell somebody or report things."

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