HUDSON, Wis. - Testimony in Aaron Schaffhausen's insanity trial wrapped up for the week Friday. It ended with Schaffhausen's friends testifying he threatened to kill his family months before the murders.

Schaffhausen pleaded guilty by reason of insanity last week.

He claims he did not know what he was doing when he killed his three children, 11-year old Amara, 8-year old Sophie, and 5-year old Cecilia at their River Falls home.

Testimony started Tuesday and for the first time we heard the 911 call Schaffhausen's ex-wife Jessica made back in July when she received a call from her Schaffhausen.

"My ex-husband just called and he said he killed my kids," she frantically told a dispatcher. That emotion didn't stop on the first day of testimony.

The jury watched a three hour interrogation video Wednesday where Schaffhausen said very little, but when the investigator pressed him about his children's deaths he broke down.

"Do I need to be looking for someone else," River Falls Investigator Charles Golden asked.

Schaffhausen nodded his head no.

On Thursday, his ex-wife testified for about four hours describing Schaffhausen as distant during their marriage. She told the jury how she felt after getting that phone call from her ex-husband in July.

"He told me I could come home now because I killed the kids," Jessica Schaffhausen recalled. "I wanted someone to get there because they still could be alive."

Co-workers and family testified Friday, including Joe Rollag who says Schaffhausen was a good friend who he lived and worked with in North Dakota after the Schaffhausen's divorced last year.

When asked if he would leave his two children with Schaffhausen, he replied, "Have and would again." But other co-workers claim Schaffhausen talked about killing his family before and even asking them to do it for him.

"He threw his wallet on the table. And he said how much would it cost for you to do it for me," said Jon Paul. But the most emotional testimony of the day came from Schaffhausen's cousin who recalled a phone conversation a few months before the murders in March.

Schaffhausen allegedly told her he wasn't taking his divorce well and had recently driven half way from North Dakota to River Falls but then turned around.

"And I said what did you do that for and he said I was going to cut their throats. He started crying," said Elizabeth Daleiden who broke down on the stand during her testimony.

She said Schaffhausen told her he took himself off his medication because he believed it was making him have homicidal thoughts.

She testified she tried to convince him to get help and suggested he have himself committed.

The trial will resume Monday and is expected to last a total of three weeks.

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