The majestic bald eagle has made a miraculous comeback in Ohio. Forfour years, a nesting pair has made the Rocky River Reservation home.

Recently, the male eagle was reported dead, leaving the female alone to tend their eggs.

WKYC Photojournalist Carl Bachtel gives us an update on the nest and how "Momma Eagle" might have a new suitor.

It's said that into each life a little rain must fall. Well, the same holds true for bald eagles. This nest in the Rocky River valley is one eagle short, possibly hit by a car near Grayton Road.

Valerie Fetzer with the Cleveland Metroparks says, "We believe it could be the male from our Rocky River pair."

The nest has been in the Rocky River Reservation forfour years and has producedthree chicks.

It's a tough time for this single mom.

Wildlife photographer Brian Bedlock has been watching the nest ever since the male was reported missing. "We're hoping for a new male and finally, the last few days, a new male has showed up," said Bedlock as he watched the nest from a bluff.

It wasn't love a first sight for the new suitor. Fetzer says so far, she has not liked her new guest. He has come close to the nest and she has not been happy about his presence. But Bedlock reported something wonderful.

"The new male eagle been bringing clumps of grass this morning. They've been packing down the bedding, and he brought her an animal of some sort so he's definitely feeding her."

So, there is hope.

Valerie Fetzer went on to say "The positive thing here is that with this new male in sight, if she does take to him, they could become a new pair."

Continuing to nest just a stone's throw from downtown Cleveland.