GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It started out as a light-hearted show ender, an attempt to put a positive spin on the growing frustrations of Minnesotans (including the KARE 11 Sunrise crew) over the winter that would not end.

But something happened during the banter as Kim, Tim, Pete and Sven stood around the BBQ with the gang from Warner's Stellian... something dark, and more sinister than one would imagine from this clean-cut crew.

It began with Pete brandishing a blowtorch, which he took to the head of the snowman. Tim, Kim and Sven were obviously concerned as the snow turned black, and then slowly disappeared.

Things took an even uglier turn when Sven, impatient with Pete's slow-paced melting process, leapt out of his lounge chair and kicked and stomped what was left of the defenseless snow creature into submission.

Perhaps this two-minute segment gone awry represents the fact that many are just done with winter... done with it or maybe, just maybe, this crew needs some professional help.