GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Are you adding years to your life? Try thinking like those who are thriving well into later years.

Gerontologist Lori Campbell, who hasan expertise in wellness and aging, sayseveryone can have a new vision of growing old and it all starts with postive thinking.

She joined KARE 11 News @ 4 to share her "thriving" tips-

1. Chronological Age: This is our age according to the calendar. It starts the second we are born. Lori calls this age "non-pliable" and is the calendar truth.

2. Psychological Age: Lori says this is how we feel about ourselves and the process of growing older. Loridescribes thisas our perception of the journey of growing older. This is "pliable," and Lori says we have influence over our perceptions and we have the option of changing negative thinking to positive thinking.

3. Biological Age: Lori says thisreflects the state of our cells, tissues, telomeres, etc. Lori says this, too, is "pliable" and again,we have influence over it.

Lori also explains that we learn some ageisms in our subconscious around the age of 6. However, she adds that we have the power to reframe our thinking as we move forward in time.

Finally, she addresses her AgePotential Mind Cleanse.

For more information, head toLori's AgePotential site.