MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minnesota native living in Watertown, Massachusetts said she was relieved that the Marathon bombing suspect drama in her neighborhood came to a peaceful end Friday night.

"The work of law enforcement is amazing. TheFBI, theWatertown police andBoston police have all worked together tremendously to make this happen," Meghan Marrer, who grew up in St. Cloud, told KARE.

Marrer said she understands why some of her neighbors were celebrating in the streets after hearing news ofthe arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the remaining bombing suspect.

But her own joy was tempered with sadness for the victims left in the wake of the bombings, and the murder of an MIT police officer Thursday night.

"People have lost their lives and there are injured people," Marrer told KARE by telephone.

"I'm just relieved there won't be any more of that and hopefully there will be some peace and safety in the Boston area tonight."

The gun battle between police and thebombing suspects played out at the end ofher block in Watertown, but Marrer and her fiance AdamAndrew slept throughitbecause of a loud fan running in their apartment.

"We woke up to the alert text from the city of Watertown alerting us that there was a lockdown."

Then they found a bullet hole in their apartment wall, and a smashedslug on the floor. They looked out the window to see police officers and other law enforcement personnel moving up and down their block.

"About 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon the forensics team came by and took all of their photos, and documentation and took the bullet," Marrer said.

She didn't know whether the round had been fired by police or by the suspects, who engaged in a running gun battle during the predawn hours Friday in Watertown.

"No matter who it belongs to, I was happy to see it go on from my apartment."

Marrer said that she and Adam felt relatively safe during the lockdown, because of the large police presence. But they did begin to discuss a contingency plan for what would they'd do if the shooting started up again.

"If we could get to the stairs we'd take shelter in the basement, andif that'snot a possibility we talked aboutgetting into the bathtub," she recalled.

"Takes me back to my tornado training back in Minnesota, I think those are the rules I was going by for this!"

Marrer said shewas on the phone constantly with her parents back in St. Cloud and friends.

Marrer and Andrew alsodid an interview from their apartmentwithNBC'sToday Show, via Skype, during the lockdown.

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