GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Much of Minnesota is digging outin the wake of yet another April snowstorm. The most impressive snowfall amounts are coming out of northeastern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin.

As of early this morning Babbitt has seen 23 inches of snow, Superior, WI has received 20 inches so far,the Duluth airport is coming in at 17.7 inches (current snow depth is up to an incredible 32 inches), Sawyer (in Carlton county, south of Duluth) has received 19.3 inchesso far. Cornucopia, WI on the Bayfield Peninsula received 22 inches. The snow is still falling in northeast Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. With 9.2 inches picked up at MSP airport, our April total is up to 17 inches, making it the fourth snowiest April on record so far in the Twin Cities.

That band of heavy snow, while less than folks received up north, still produced some 9to 13 inchamounts west of the Twin Cities from Hutchinson to St. Cloud. The heavy band of snow expanded enough into the western metro late Thursday to give the western half of the Twin Cities some higher than expect snow totals too. Amounts ranged from 6 to 9" in some west metro suburbs.

The Twin Cities National Weather Service Office in Chanhassen picked up 7.7" officially. Amounts were less in the southeast metro with about 2 to 4 inches picked up.

The weekend will bring sunshine Saturday to allow for some melting to occur and rainfall late Saturday night into early Sunday in southern Minnesota, but it will come in the form of more snow showers for northern Minnesota.

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