MINNEAPOLIS - For much of the day, Boston, Watertown and other areas of Massachusetts were effectively shutdown, but how does something like that happen.

"All emergencies, all crisis are local, they start at the local level," explained Minnesota's Deputy Director of Homeland Security Joe Kelly.

He said when the decision is made to stop transit, close business and tell people to stay home, it starts with the local police, but it's the state and federal authorities that have the resources to help make it happen.

"One of the first thing law enforcement does is they set up because they don't want stuff to get outside that perimeter," explained Kelly.

With men on the loose and with ties to Boston and allegedly the bombings, in effect, the entire city became that perimeter.

"This guy is willing to die for his cause if there is a cause, based on the shootout with the police they had," explained Kevin White who teaches a criminal course at Rasmussen College.

White said if the situation wasn't already heightened, it increased with the shootings in the street in the middle of the night.

White said having people stay inside is a tremendous help. While people are inside, authorities can more effectively do their work, additionally, the people inside like they are doing something in the effort.

As millions of eyes across the world are glued to the situation, no doubt lessons will be learned.

"Now after this big event, they're going to be training again," said White. "Because every time something big happens, we learn from it, law enforcement learns from it."

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