ST. PAUL, Minn. -- For as long as it's stood, The Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul has been home to some of the greatest moments on a stage.

And for ten Friday nights this spring it is keeping that tradition alive and well, with "Wits," a MPR radio comedy variety show that has been picked up nationally by other National Public Radio stations.

"Its comedy its music its surprises and sometimes things go off the rails and we love it when that happens," Wits Senior Producer Larissa Anderson said.

Wits is a weekly NPR show and it is a hybrid of improv, music and everything in between taped live at the Fitz.

It's crazy conductor is John Moe.

"I've been a total geek for comedy and music my whole life so it's sort of sometimes feels like the stage production of what is in my brain all the time," Moe dryly commented.

Think of it as St. Paul's "Saturday Night Live."

It draws big names, like the dreamy singer songwriter Rufus Wainwright and comedic genius like 30 Rock alum Kristen Schall.

"I'm sort of getting thrown into this funhouse," Schall said with the distinct funny voice that has made her a star.

That's Wits.

The name of the game is to test those of the guests, and see how they fly.

"There is going to be things that will happen during the show that nobody could have ever predicted and that is by design," Moe said.

What does he mean you ask?

Schall got her script for the show two hours before it went live.

It told her this.

"Make something up about a goat she saw. I am just reading this for the first time," Scall said laughing.

Goat jokes.

Grammy nominated musicians.

And a cast to keep them guessing.

That's a Friday night live with Wits at the Fitz.