MINNEAPOLIS - During what seems like a never-ending winter, Dave Shepard stood out among crowds clamoring for lunch on Monday afternoon in Dinkytown.

In a sea of coats and jackets, he was the only one wearing a T-shirt and jeans. He said he hopes his rebellious spirit will show Mother Nature how he really feels about April snow.

"It's not OK. I'm wearing what I should be wearing in April," he said.

Shepard is not alone in his rebellion against Spring 2013.

"I am so over it," Kelsey Germscheid, a student at the University of Minnesota said.

On Monday, despite wind and snow, Germscheid wore shorts and leggings.

"I'm just hoping that if I keep wearing things that are spring, maybe the weather will get better eventually," she said.

Heavy snow started pouring in the Metro on Monday evening, but Dave is still hopeful Mother Nature will take a cue from him, sooner rather than later.

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