ROSEVILLE, Minn. - A bill making its way through the Minnesota House would help protect high school coaches from parental complaints.

"This provides more comfort for coaches and little more freedom for administrators," said Rep. Dean Urdahl, the author of the bill. "I've heard from principals and athletic directors and they are thankful we're doing this."

Urdahl, a long-time coach himself, says the proposal would ensure that complaints by parents of student athletes are not the sole factor in dismissing a coach.

"Yes, parents are a necessary part of the equation in evaluating, but it shouldn't be the only thing" says Rep. Urdahl. "Their complaints are important and are registered, but it must be part of the bigger picture."

Most high school coaches in Minnesota are evaluated on a yearly basis and athletic directors typically use a variety of ways to do so.

"I talk with student athletes and I walk through practices," says Jeff Whisler, Activities Director at Roseville Area High School. "I also use opposing coaches and even referees to evaluate my coaches."

Whisler says he supports the proposed idea which will be discussed soon in conference committees.