ROBERTS, Wis. - Classes are canceled at an elementary school in Roberts, Wis. as crews clean up after an overnight fire Tuesday.

While investigators aren't commenting directly, Roberts Police Chief Daniel Burgess says there are inconsistencies on the fire scene that could indicate arson.

First responders were dispatched to St. Croix Central Elementary School on the 200 block of South Division Street around 4 a.m. and arrived to find smoke and flames billowing from the office area of the building.

Roberts-Warren fire chief Jeff Vogt says his firefighters mounted an interior attack and were able to knock down flames on the ground level, but by that time fire had jumped into the ceiling and roof area.

Damage is said to be extensive, enough that St. Croix Central Schools Superintendant David Bradley says it is likely students will spend the final 26 days of the school year in other locations.

More than 600 students ages Kindergarten through 4th grade attend St. Croix Central Elementary School.

"It's a terrible, terrible thing. Youthink something like this will never happen," Bradley told reporters. "We're fortunate it happened at night whenno one was in the building."

Bradley also says he feels bad for the school's principal, who is retiring at the end of the year and will have to spend the rest of the year off-site.

At this point there is nosuspected cause for the fire.Four localdepartments responded to put out the blaze.

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