GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Summer-like temperatures on Tuesday soared to near 100 degrees,which prompted a heat advisory that included the Twin Cities and a Red Flag Warning that included much of the state.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources imposed burning restrictions across the state with high to extreme fire danger ratings thanks to high temperatures, strong winds and dry conditions.

"When you have those three ingredients on a day like today then the big danger is just things will start easily and spread very very rapidly," said George Esbensen, Eden Prairie Fire Chief.

Steve Simmer of the DNR says we've had "over 100 fires sparked over the past two days burning almost 10,000 acres statewide."

One of those wildfires wassparked Monday morning, burning as much as 10,000 acres on the Red Lake Reservation. As of Tuesday morning, the fire was only 10 percent contained.