MINNEAPOLIS - Before the glass-box design of the new Vikings stadium can be implemented, there are a number of formal I's to be dotted and T's to be crossed.

Various city entities will have to consider and approve the plan. The formal delivery of schematic plans from the Stadium Authority were brought to the city on Tuesday.

The delivery begins a 120-day process that must occur before the actual groundbreaking, scheduled for October of 2013.

"The first 15 days are for city staff to determine whether or not the submission is complete," explained Chuck Lutz, Deputy Director of Minneapolis' Community Planning and Economic Development. "The next step is that the city's Implementation Committee which is 26 members."

Lutz said the Implementation Committee is "broadly-based" and includes community leaders, neighborhood residents and elected officials. That committee has 60 days to review the design. If they approve the plan, the design moves on to the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission and the City Council would then have another 45 days to approve the design. The entire process could take up to four months. Lutz said the process is expected to be complete by mid-September, allowing for the construction to begin the following month.

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