MINNEAPOLIS - Minneapolis' police chief released more specifics about the investigation surrounding a crash last week involving a squad car and a motorcycle.

A burglary suspect, Terrance Franklin, was shot and killed Friday during an altercation with two officers, who were shot in the legs.

A police vehicle responding 30-plus minutes after the shooting collided with a motorcyclist, killing the driver, Ivan Romero, 24, and injuring his passenger.

Police Chief Janee Harteau said that the officer drove through a red light, but the officer "properly used the squad's lights and sirens."

She said the police vehicle had slowed to 16 to 17 mph before entering the intersection and that other vehicles had stopped in both directions. It was previously released that Romero struck the rear of the squad car.

The Minnesota State Patrol will take over the investigation into the crash, Harteau said.

As for the shooting involving two Minneapolis police officers, Harteau said the department is still in the early stages of its preliminary investigation.

She said they are waiting on ballistics and forensics tests to come back. She would not comment as to whether Franklin had a gun. She said the two officers involved have not yet been interviewed.

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